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We are one of the professional approach which is highly appreciated by our clients. Our talented pool of resources has in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the manpower industry. They apply excellent filtering systems and choose the right candidate for the right position.

HOME CARE & HOUSE MAID Home Care provides quality, custom cleaning and houuse care services, so your have more time to do what matters most to you. We specialize in residential cleaning / maid service. We had observed the difficulties faced by the people (Specially working couples) in cities like Mumbai & other Metros that they have nobody to support their house hold jobs, there is nobody to look after their children & old parents and they are unattended to fulfill their supporting needs. Since then, We have been providing " Maids Services " by providing House Maids, Cooks, Governess, Aayans and Care Takers to such families, with the results, such working couples are able to attend their jobs peaceflly in the office.

We offer best House Keeping Services as per the requirements of the client. We as a company provide the most appropriate solutions to house keeping needs. Our team members take it as a task and challenge to provide superior quality results by using best methods, accessories, equipements and support personnel.

HEALTH CARE & NURSES We provide healthcare, medical & nursing recruitement services. Healthcare professionals are one of the most sought after the world over. India has a rich resource of qualified, skilled and experienced healthcare professionals with a high level of expertise in their respective specialities. We are specialized in recruiting health and social care professionals under work permits.

LABOUR CONTRACT We undertake labours contracts for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers for various industries. We ensure the workers to be capable of taking over the required responsibilities. We check their skills and experience for the concerned job responsibility before sending them for interviews. We have sent home maid to the followig cities... Kanyakumark District Thiruvandrum Thirunelveli District Tuticorin Dist Madurai District Coimbatore District Bangalore Bombay

HOME CARE - PROPOSALS House owners must be registered their name with Rs. 1000 Salary for house maid who are not staying with their owners residence starts from Rs.4500 Salary for House maid who are not staying with their owners residence is minimum Rs.6000 -10000 There is an agreement for every 10 months The owners should pay after 1 month salary as a service to us In southern districts we are the No 1 in giving you hard working house maid and home nurses. We also send students to Bombay, Hong Kong, China for their higher studies Salary for widows and the women whose husbands are addict to drinds in Rs.6000 - 12000 Our main services include after 58 years of age we are offering pension scheme.

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